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How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?


Here are some of the dogs that are looking for a new home to belong to. If you'd like to inquire
about adopting one of them, please contact us - we'd be glad to tell you more about them and arrange for you to meet them...

General Information Pertaining to Dog Contracts...

Many people question the cost of adopting a dog, we charge $400.00 for a dog
As a registered charity we are not supposed to make money and we certainly don't.

NOTE: Many of our dogs are injured when they come in and need x-rays,
ultrasounds, expensive surgeries and/or medication which increases the cost significantly.
Adoption fees are
necessary for us to continue rescuing these wonderful dogs who otherwise
would end up dead in most cases.

If a dog has already been vet checked before we take it,
then it is not necessary to do the flea treatment or de worm it,
sometimes it is already spayed/neutered, this does not decrease
the cost of the dog, that money goes to the next dog who may need
surgery or expensive medical treatment,
either way your adoption fee remains the same and you can consider
it money well spent.

We have received notification from a few of the main hospitals that give us discounts;
they are increasing our discounted fees. We are struggling as it is to stay
within our budget. Registered charities are required to spend almost all the money
they raise. None of us find that a problem. Because of this new fee schedule we
need to increase our adoption fees. We hope everyone understands we are not
making money here we are just struggling to stay afloat another year.

Effective July 1, 2016 adoption fees for all dogs will be $450.00 fees include spay/neuter, shots and deworming
Puppies(fees include spay/neuter, deworming and first shot)

To inquire about adopting our dogs please call







Leo's owner died leaning him with no home.
At 8 years of age this was sad for him but he adjusted
to his new Foster Home as if he had always lived there.

Leo is neutered, his shots are up to date, he is a
beautiful German Shepherd, weighs approx 80 lbs
is housetrained, leash trained, loves other dogs,
is good with cats and kids.

He is excellent in the house, can be left alone and
hates crates but he has no need of one. His Foster Dad
says he is even tempered and absolutely perfect.

Leo needs a kind family to let him live out his life,
he is healthy, quiet and will give back one thousand
times what he is given. A real gem for any home.



Max is a three year old Fox Red Lab (yes that
is actually a breed), neutered, shots up to date
weighs approx 60 lbs, is leash trained and housetrained.

He is good with other dogs, cats and kids. Max is also
crate trained and will need to be crated if you are
not home as he gets into things. He can be left
alone in his crate.

A fenced yard is a must as he is a runner but loves
being in the yard. He is very docile and loves, loves
loves to play with toys people anything available.

He will be a great dog for an energetic family
that wants a sweet dog to love and play with.



Theo had a very ugly start, abandoned in the
middle of nowhere in the winter, he was filthy,
matted, flea infested and had no idea what he
was doing there. No dog should feel that way.

Weeks of posters, registering with Bylaw and
the Local Shelter confirmed our worst fears,
absolutely no one was looking for him.

Theo is a Border Collie/ Blue Merle mix, 18
months old (according to the vet) is now neutered
shots are up to date, he weighs approx 40 lbs and
is housetrained. He is also leash trained, loves
other dogs, cats and kids,

Theo is crate trained but does not need to be
in a crate, he is very good in the house.

After all he has been through he is a super
affectionate, responds enthusiastically to
positive training and is very fearful of scolding
however mild.

He will be the perfect pet for kind, patient people
who understand what a rough start he had .

To inquire about adopting Wesley
Please email




Wesley is a three year old long haired Chihuahua looking for a forever home due to the death of his owner. He weighs about 8 pounds (3.4 kg). He is neutered and his shots are UTD.  Pee pad training and crate training are ongoing.

Wesley can be a little shy with new people at first, but will warm up when comfortable. Once he trusts you, he is a real cuddle bug. 

Wesley will bark occasionally if the other dogs bark, but is generally very quiet, laid back and easy going. Wesley is fine living with other dogs, but does not interact much with them.

Wesley would be quite happy in a home where he is the center of attention. Any children must be 12 or older and dog savvy. Cats are an unknown.



To inquire about adopting Lonie
Please email



Lonie is a three year old short haired Chihuahua, weighing about 9 pounds (4 kg). He is neutered, pee-pad trained, and his shots are UTD.  Lonie is looking for a forever home due to the death of his owner. Crate training is ongoing.

Lonie can be very nervous and fearful with strangers and will need to be allowed to adjust to a new home and new family at his own pace. Once comfortable, and on his own terms, he is a very cuddly boy and loves to jump up to sit on his foster mom‘s lap. He does not like to be picked up and held.

Lonie can be feisty and bossy with other dogs as he thinks of himself as much bigger than 9 pounds! Lonie does bark at strange noises, so an apartment would not be suitable. Any children should be 12 or older and dog-savvy. Cats are an unknown.


To inquire about adopting Patches
Please email



Patches is a five year old mixed breed (possibly a Jack Russell mix) 
rescued from the Yulin dog meat festival in China. He is neutered,
his vaccinations are up to date and he weighs about 35 pounds.

There are two sides to this handsome boy who has endured terrible
treatment at the hands of humans.

The first is the happy side I see every day: Funny, playful, well behaved,
great with the other dogs (big and small), very enthusiastic about
his walks and happy to be with his foster mom at all times.

The second is the sad and scared side. While still uncomfortable
with any prolonged touching, he no longer flinches or quivers
when I pat him while holding his leash. He is happy to cuddle up
tight to me while napping, but jumps if I try to touch him with my
hands. In his everyday routine he is a very confident boy,
but a visit from strangers or people he sees only rarely,
sends him into hiding. He does seem to have
a particular fear of men.

This sweet boy will need an understanding, compassionate and
patient owner. Another dog in the family is a must, as is
a securely fenced yard. Any children must be older
than 13 and be very dog savvy.




Bear is approximately 3 year old, male Chihuahua weighing about 5 pounds. This little guy is neutered and his shots are up to date. He has also been Heartworm checked. Bear came to us with an injured leg. After being verified by the vet it was determined that the leg had been broken and allowed to heal withought treatment and that there was nothing to be done to change it. He still has full function of his leg but doesn’t always use it when walking and running. He still has lots of spunk in him and doesn't let hios "bum" leg slow him down.

Bear’s housetraining is coming along great despite the cold weather. As is typical of Chi’s, he really feels the cold, so he is still learning to “go pee“ outside. When the weather is warmer we make better progress. If you can’t find Bear around the house you are sure to find him under the covers/blankets somewhere on the couch or dog beds.

Bear is such a loving, cuddly, easy to love little guy. He bonded quickly and is equally happy to cuddle with me or any other members of the family. Bear is being spoiled as he sleeps with us at night, especially under the covers. Bear gets along fine with the other dogs, rabbit and the cat but if the cat runs the chase is on.

Bear is not comfortable with young humans, so we are asking that any children in the adopting home be older than 8 and dog-savvy






Zelda is a gorgeous one year old mix: our guess is Boxer/Border Collie
 or maybe Australian Shepherd mix. She is housetrained, spayed,
up to date with vaccinations and weighs approximately 50 lbs.

Zelda loves to go for walks and is progressing in her leash training.
Because she is still just a puppy, she would benefit from obedience
training and an active owner who will give her lots of attention,
exercise and social interaction with other dogs. Zelda gets along
very well with the resident big dog, but is not recommended with cats.

Zelda loves everybody she has met, but can be too bouncy for young
children, so any children in the adopting family must be 15 or over.
A secure fenced yard is also required.

Zelda is a loving, smart, happy, bouncy puppy .With proper training
and lots of exercise this sweetheart will make the right family very happy.






































Dogs listed below this line are not Bark Dogs. They are being
listed by their ownrts because they have special needs.
Please read carefully and call the owner if you are






































































































If you were hoping to find a specific size or breed of dog to rescue,
but we don't seem to have that 'special' dog listed above,
contact sharon
and we would be glad to put you on a waiting
list - we may know where to find the one that you've been hoping for.

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