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How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?


Here are some of the dogs that are looking for a new home to belong to. If you'd like to inquire
about adopting one of them, please contact us - we'd be glad to tell you more about them and arrange for you to meet them...

General Information Pertaining to Dog Contracts...

Many people question the cost of adopting a dog, we charge $400.00 for a dog
As a registered charity we are not supposed to make money and we certainly don't.

NOTE: Many of our dogs are injured when they come in and need x-rays,
ultrasounds, expensive surgeries and/or medication which increases the cost significantly.
Adoption fees are
necessary for us to continue rescuing these wonderful dogs who otherwise
would end up dead in most cases.

If a dog has already been vet checked before we take it,
then it is not necessary to do the flea treatment or de worm it,
sometimes it is already spayed/neutered, this does not decrease
the cost of the dog, that money goes to the next dog who may need
surgery or expensive medical treatment,
either way your adoption fee remains the same and you can consider
it money well spent.

We have received notification from a few of the main hospitals that give us discounts;
they are increasing our discounted fees. We are struggling as it is to stay
within our budget. Registered charities are required to spend almost all the money
they raise. None of us find that a problem. Because of this new fee schedule we
need to increase our adoption fees. We hope everyone understands we are not
making money here we are just struggling to stay afloat another year.

Effective July 1, 2016 adoption fees for all dogs will be $450.00 fees include spay/neuter, shots and deworming
Puppies(fees include spay/neuter, deworming and first shot)

To inquire about adopting our dogs please call






If you are interested in adopting
Jin please contact Carol at



Yu-Jin (means Precious in Korean)

This very sweet, quiet, intelligent boy is a Korean Jindo mix, born November 2017 in Korea. He was rescued from a Dog Meat Farm at only 4 months of age, and brought to Canada. He is now almost a year old and is a medium size boy at 14 kg (40 pounds). He is house trained, crate trained, neutered and his shots are up to date.

This gorgeous puppy has come a long way since his rescue. He is now relatively comfortable with hugs and pats from his foster mom and dad, but is still wary of new people and handles this by avoidance. He plays well with his dog mates (all smaller than him), loves to go for walks, and loves to play with toys. His behaviour with cats is an unknown.

Jin will need an experienced and compassionate adopter, one who will continue to work on his comfort level with touching, and one willing to actively introduce him to new situations and new people.
Once trust is established, Jin has huge potential to be a wonderful, loyal, and loving companion.

Jin will also need a secure fenced yard. Any children in the family must be 12 or older and dog savvy, and another playful dog companion in the house is required.






Please meet Nina, approximately 8 lbs, 12 years old, long hair Chihuahua. Don’t let her age fool you, she is full of love and kisses. She is spayed and her shots are up to date.

Nina has spent the last few months exploring the “outside” world and has been doing very well. She has learned to enjoy walks (great recall) and meet lots of people; especially at soccer games. She is shy at first but if you give her space she will eventually go see you for some affection. Nina has also learned to relax on car rides as we did a lot of camping throughout the summer holidays.

Nina is really good on her own but will at times howl, not too loudly though. She isn’t a huge barker either only when someone is at the door. Nina has spent most of her life using a pee pad to relieve herself so carpets are definitely a target. We are working hard to show her the outdoors and she has been doing exceptionally well. Nina started to go outside on her own and even lay down on the deck but she does not know how to ask for the door, so you will need to pay great attention to her. With consistency and lots of rewards Nina’s does very well. She is very smart and she has come a long way.
Nina gets along very well with big or small dogs as well as cats and rabbits. Nina does have a tendency to guard her food and her human pack leader but she can easily be distracted.







This handsome fellow is Cooper a beautiful
German Shepherd 11 months old. He is neutered and
his shots are up to date. Cooper weighs 80 lbs is
housebroken, leash trained loves other dogs and is fine
with cats and older children.

He is a happy well adjusted puppy. He has no recall yet
so a fenced yard is a must. Off leash he will wander.
He loves his toys and will be a welcome addition to any home.



Zelda is a gorgeous one year old mix: our guess is Boxer/Border Collie
 or maybe Australian Shepherd mix. She is housetrained, spayed,
up to date with vaccinations and weighs approximately 50 lbs.

Zelda loves to go for walks and is progressing in her leash training.
Because she is still just a puppy, she would benefit from obedience
training and an active owner who will give her lots of attention,
exercise and social interaction with other dogs. Zelda gets along
very well with the resident big dog, but is not recommended with cats.

Zelda loves everybody she has met, but can be too bouncy for young
children, so any children in the adopting family must be 15 or over.
A secure fenced yard is also required.

Zelda is a loving, smart, happy, bouncy puppy .With proper training
and lots of exercise this sweetheart will make the right family very happy.









The China Dogs

Bark has rescued 10 dogs from the Dog Meat Festival
in Yulin in Northern China. We will be featuring them for the
next few weeks as they become ready to go to their Forever homes


Patches is our last China Dog but he is not ready for
Adoption yet.

We now have two Korean Dogs from the horrors
of a dog meat in South Korea.
They will need work and patience but have
great personalities.






























Dogs listed below this line are not Bark Dogs. They are being
listed by their ownrts because they have special needs.
Please read carefully and call the owner if you are






































































































If you were hoping to find a specific size or breed of dog to rescue,
but we don't seem to have that 'special' dog listed above,
contact sharon
and we would be glad to put you on a waiting
list - we may know where to find the one that you've been hoping for.

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