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corporate sponsors



Did you know you can direct your
United Way Donations to B.A.R.K.?

Just quote the name
Bytown Association for Rescued Kanines
and this number


If you are donating $200 or more to B.A.R.K. through
United Way any fiscal year, you are entitled to a
Lifetime Membership with B.A.R.K..
So let us know and we will send you a new
Membership Card.

We are moving into United Way canvassing period shortly.
Your United way donations make it possible for us to rescue
many more dogs every year so please send us your pledges.


Veterinary Bills go up every year we can only rescue
as many dogs as we have money, your donation no mater
how small helps in a big way.




Check out our Corporate Sponsors Page as we add live film for our sponsors


Wonderful Cmmunity Support

Oh My Goodness the donations for our Foster dogs are just piling in, how wonderful.
Each and every dog will receive a huge Christmas package on Christmas morning.
We have been able to keep track of where stuff is coming from so far so our people
know where this huge generosity is coming from and can in turn support
businesses that support us.

However yesterday afternoon we received 14 plastic bags from a place called
" Healthy Pets HQ" filled with amazing treats and toys. I actually pulled
all the bags from our recycle bin and counted them. We have
no idea where they came from.

So if you gave Bark any of this wonderful loot we would really
like to talk to you. You can reach us at 613-738-0119
or email us at
and thanks guys we would love to talk to these benefactors.



Saturday January 10, 2015 at Masters ' Dogs
354 Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON K2A 0E8
(613) 792-3711
We will be there from 11 am - 3 pm with the last three puppies
from Mama Bear, Angel (Angel is not ready for public viewing yet)

Come out and see the 12 week old little girls who just love to be in the limelight!















Bark needs Foster Homes for dogs the size of a Boxer or bigger.
We seem to have an abundance of Foster Homes for small dogs.
It doesn't cost anything to Foster for Bark. We supply everything,
crate, food (compliments of Fromm), toys, treats, Kong, blanket,
teddy, chew toys and a brand new collar and leash.

We also pay all the vet bills, how much easier could we
make it? If you can open your heart and home to a
dog who has had literally nothing, it will be the most rewarding
thing you ever do - save a life. These rescue dogs give back
150% of anything you give them.

Please email smckeil@primus.ca to get started!




Bark needs a Foster Home for a beautiful Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, two years old,
neutered, shots up to date, good with other dogs, will herd and
chase cats. This dog needs our help, his owner is gone for long hours
every day. He is wonderful in his crate but will bark if left loose
in the house. Needs good exercise. he is afraid of a lot of things
so he needs someone who can cope with this. We will provide a
trainer who will come to your house to work with the dog. Please
email us at smckeil@primus.ca if you think you can help



Bonnie Clark has been a longtime supporter and adopter from Bark.
She makes beautiful scarves, poop bag dispensers and now gorgeous quilts
for us to sell at all our events - all at her own expense.

Bonnie now has a website where she sells crafts she makes and now
she is selling the things she makes for Bark on her new website as well.

Please go to her website and help us support a wonderful volunteer
and friend of Bark's. Her "Mended Heart " quilt is a must
have for anyone with a rescue dog.








This Alert has been issued to Ontario.

We ask the post below from our Facebook Page at:

or post the attached poster to your Facebook Page with the message below and share it in other ways too.

ONTARIO ALERT :: Basset Hound Mix
Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, ON, Canada K0L


Dog has Collar both around her neck and front leg as she tried to step through her collar. She is scared and will growl.

IF YOU SEE THIS DOG, PLEASE PHONE THE NUMBER PROVIDED SO WE CAN WORK TOGETHER WITH ANIMAL CONTROL TO GET THIS POOR DOG SOME PLACE WARM! This dog was seen on a jobsite where the photo was taken. They were not able to catch her as she was growling and ran off. The last sighting of her, she was on the 6th Line in Havelock with her leg through her collar. We have been looking for her for days now to no avail. Please call 705 838-2048 with any sightings!

More info: http://www.helpinglostpets.com/petdetail/?id=147136

Map Location: http://www.helpinglostpets.com/v2/?pid=147136




If you have a complaint or concern or feel your requests
were not adequately addressed click below to find out why





New website coming soon with links to our Facebook page
and our Twitter account thanks to Robyn Huculak fabulous
work all donated!!!



This picture was taken at Bark's 12 Annual Walkathon on August 12, 2013.

The smaller dog on the left is Hobo. This was Hobo's last Walkathon
with Bark in August, she died shortly after the walk. She was 15.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Hobo's family and siblings.

A few people took pictures of the elderly dog and the family
would love to get copies of any pictures anyone took at the

If you have pictures of this beautiful little soul could you please
send them to us so we can forward them on to a grieving family.

Sleep well pretty girl.




Exciting News

Bark has recently partnered with Fromm's Dog Food
and they will be supplying all our food for all our Foster Dogs every month!!



Lost a pet/Found a pet?

These people can help you!

Helping Lost Pets (HeLP) is not just a website to help you find your pet, it's a pet help network. A community of pet lovers with a common purpose, to help pets and their guardians to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life together.

People bring pets into their lives because they want to experience the joy of a companion animal. In our new age of social conscience and social media, there has never been a better time to network the pet community in a way that has never been done before.

This new central database will solve two major obstacles in finding a lost pet. The time required to notify others that may be able to help the pet home. Our solution to these two key problems are:

1) With a large membership base, this system will get the message out quickly and to a large number of people in the area. It will allow a poster to instantly printed and distributed. The faster a message can be put out, the better the chance of finding the pet. People with a missing pet are spending hours and hours posting on many different sites. They could be spending this time searching for their pet. If someone finds their pet, they may not make the connection because they are not looking in the same location. 2) This system has the ability to target lost pet information to specific areas so that people are not receiving lost pet information for pets that are no where near them. This will save people time.

Many similar services in use today charge a listing fee. The usage of HeLP is absolutely free. The development and on going costs are fully supported by advertising and sponsors.

So if you have lost or found a pet, or want to know if a pet is lost near you. If you want to find an emergency vet clinic, vet clinic, pet store, pet groomer, dog trainer, doggie day care, pet shelter, pet rescue or any other pet service provider, then join our community. It's map based, so you can pinpoint where a pet was lost or where pet services near you are.

Key Features
* It's map based, so it's visual

* Centralized database of lost/found pets and pet service providers

* Search for lost or found pets

* Set up your profile to receive email notifications of lost or found pets in your area

* Search for pet services

* Find pets available for adoption

Add your own pet(s) to your profile as a Safe. If they ever go missing, just change their status to Lost and instantly an email notification is sent to other members and organizations in your area. Safe pets are not visible to others.

Please join our Pet HeLP Network
















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